How do I start Modeling, what does it take ?

The first thing you need to consider when asking the question How do I start Modeling. Is what type of model do you want be? If you are trying for high fashion modeling, like the runways of Paris, or the cover of Vogue, etc., then I must point out that the requirements are very strict. If however you are hoping to do commercial modeling (such as product or lifestyle) then the requirements are much broader. Maybe you want to be a glamour, or pin-up model, then these areas have their own set of requirements.

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So How do I start Modeling, well if you want to be a top fashion model, this only happens in places like New York, London, or Milan. Fashion modeling does not take place in small towns. Because the designers are not there, the fashion magazines are not there, and the show rooms and Fashion Houses are not there. The really Big Fashion happens in the big cities, and they play by their own rules.

If your still thinking How do I start Modeling then you will need to prepare yourself because if they find you, and you have the “look” they want for that season, then they have the photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing stylists, art directors, and big budgets, to make it all happen. As an example, the Fashion Industry is dependent on using models in its advertising, promotion, and sales material.

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In certain top fashion cities, this can lead to many job possibilities and high fees. So when considering a modeling career and thinking How do I start Modeling you must start by looking at the different types of modeling being demanded by clients, the requirements for a given type of modelling, and if you’re physical, talent and personality are right for that type of modeling.

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The modeling industry is quite diverse. However, the part that most people have seen glamorized is the life of the fashion Supermodel. For some, the idea of a jet-set life style is very appealing but, let me tell you, you stand a better chance of winning the power ball lottery then becoming one of the dozen or so Supermodels, which points to the harsh reality of modeling. It has to be said that most people who try to make a living as a model will fail.

But fortunately for many, just trying to make it, is personally rewarding. So just remember while thinking How do I start Modeling that you will never know if you might have what it takes, to become a model if you never try. You must also understand that Professional modeling starts with the client’s need and their willingness to pay. Modeling with out paying clients is just a hobby, or someone trying to rip you off. Hobby modeling can be great fun, a positive experience, and some may even work through a hobby period to go on to be a professional model.

How do I start Modeling, the right “look”

Having the right “look” and talent is what you inherited genetically and there is not much you can do to change that. The rest is where being a professional model comes in to it, like knowing what to do and how to market yourself. So again while thinking How do I start Modeling, when a project calls for someone attractive to stand next to a new product, the person who can constantly look good in front of the camera, show the emotional expression that is needed on cue, show up on time and leave on time, and in so many other ways make the shoot go quickly, efficiently, and successfully, is the person who will get the job.

How do I start Modeling imageThat is also the person who gets asked back the next time. The part after the genetics, is what makes a professional model and leads to a career in modeling. This is also the person who will deliver what the client needs, and is why they use them, and not just pull someone off the street.

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Again you must understand while thinking How do I start Modeling that all modeling, except for some glamour, is client driven. There is no need for a model (or for that matter, a photographer) until a client has something to sell (a product, service, or idea) or in the case of editorial an idea to convey. At this point, the client becomes willing to part with the money (the money stream) to accomplish his/her sales or editorial goals and a model is hired.

It is the size of the potential sales’ goals and the model’s importance in those goals that determines how much a model is paid (hourly fees. usage, etc.). Some types of glamour and stock lifestyle modeling can work differently as the photo itself has a value, and the buyer can be found later. So, something to remember is this, when we look at different types of modeling we are also looking at different classes of clients.

  • To be a professional model basically comes down to three things:

  • 1) Having the look and talent, that someone needs (generally the client) bad enough for the project they are working on at that time, that they will pay you for your time.

  • 2) Making life easier for the art director and the photographer, so they will want to work with you, and not throw you out of their studio.

  • 3) Making sure the client, photographer, and art director know you exist and want to work.

While thinking How do I start Modeling, it must be said for a lot of modeling you either have the talent, and “look” or you don’t. It does not matter how much you want it, or how hard you work at it, or how much you pay for schooling and photos, if you do not meet the basic physical characteristic of some types of modeling, (thinking of high fashion here) I know it sounds harsh, but you will never become that type of model.

How do I start Modeling imageNow having said that, let me confuse the matter by saying a model is generally an independent contractor, (an independent business) and with any business there are some start up costs involved. The challenge is coming to understand what are the reasonable costs of getting into the modeling business, and at what point is someone taking advantage of your dreams, and ignorance of the modeling profession, to part you from large amounts of your money.

Only through education can you hope to know the difference. Most people who read this are asking the question How do I start Modeling. and their looking for the dream of becoming a high fashion model, for themselves or someone they know.

The world of “modeling” includes many types of modeling but the high fashion model on the Paris runway or the cover of Vogue is the one that most people know about. This high fashion world is distant, unknown, glamorous and for most unattainable.

And this world of high fashion modeling is the most financially rewarding form of modeling, but its only one of many different types of modeling. As I said before when you ask “How do I start Modeling” or say, “I want to become a model,” you need to be sure what category of modeling you are talking about.

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It could be that you want to know How to Be a Fitness Model, or it might be Child Modeling, Teen Modeling, Plus Size Modeling, it may even be Male Modeling. You might want to know How to Become a Male Model. The road to “how do I become a model” or “can I become a model” is different, for different reasons like market locations, and for each category of modeling. Your first, best step (and before you spend any money) is to learn as much as possible about the modeling industry.

This education not only can answer your questions and help to build a possible Modeling Career, but more importantly to help you avoid the scams, the rip offs, the bad businesses and the hanky-panky that surrounds the Modeling Industry.

How do I start Modeling,  Be Aware !

Just be aware that there is a whole industry built around taking advantage of your dream of becoming a model. This industry thrives on your enthusiasm, your ignorance and your money. But mostly it thrives on the uncertainty, and lack of information generally available on modeling. You must be made aware, and be very careful at all times, or you could more than likely fall into a rip-off situation, while trying to learn How to Become a Model, than to find an actual legitimate path to see for yourself, and find out if a modeling career is right for you.

Now what is legitimate, and what is not legitimate in modeling. Well with modeling, it can be hard to tell the difference at times. In my view there can be some “sharks” in the modeling industry, but if you really think about it there can be “sharks” in any industry, the difference between legit, and non legit is that the shark is working for your interests and not eating you for lunch.

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Or a legitimate entity makes money when you make money, or actually provides a service that in most cases leads to actual paid work. A non-legit entity thrives on your money that you pay to them and it never leads to any significant work, so you do need to be careful.

I think the key to finding if you have a chance of becoming a model, and to avoid getting ripped off is to understand the markets that actually use models. Modeling is not an end in its self. Models are used by different industries to promote products and services. Without industries using models to promote their products or services, then there are no legitimate (paid) modeling opportunities. So it is important to know and understand just which industries use models, and what types of models they use, and where they are located.

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This site does not offer all of the answers but I hope the material will start you on the right road to learning about modeling. Only through proper training and hard work, however, can you become a professional model. So when your thinking How do I start Modeling, I just hope you will use this as a starting point to decide if modeling is right for you, and may it give you some direction towards starting a career.